Located at the edge of the Texas A&M Campus in College Station, Tradition at Northgate is a student housing complex consisting of large courtyard space flanked by two residential towers. Surroundings was commissioned by the Dallas based Hunt Real Estate Partners to bring new life to the existing courtyard and pool area located between the two buildings.

The existing challenges involved re-imagining the predominantly concrete covered space to one that invites a softer, communal and recreational space for its users. With a pool dividing the courtyard, another design challenge was the secondary use of this space as a circulation corridor linking the parking structure west of the Texas A&M campus. These conflicting uses were resolved by introducing a series of fabric screens and cabanas to both define and separate the pool area from the circulation path. In addition, new colored brick paving bands were introduced to further visually break up the large expanses of concrete. The bands also serve as utility conduits for structural footings, exterior solar and LED lighting, and irrigation to new planters. New outdoor furniture provides an upscale ambiance that creates a space that feels welcoming to the students, day or night.

College Station, TX

Hunt Real Estate Partners

Kenneth Francis, Principal
Will Iadevaia

SERVICES PROVIDED:   Landscape Architecture