st. francis corridor study

The St. Francis Corridor is a six mile, six lane highway that cuts through the fabric of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  As the urban designers on the St. Francis Corridor Study team, we worked with BHI and the NMDOT to help integrate the St. Francis Corridor with the surrounding urban context of Santa Fe.

Our charge as the urban design consultants was to create safe and meaningful connections to open spaces and trails, and to make unique streetscapes and smart development patterns. It was our intention to create unifying, flexible and inspiring urban environments that will help Santa Fe express its own identity, culture, and history.  

We created a CSS (Context Sensitive Solutions) analysis of the corridor using multiple mapping and diagramming techniques to better understand the context of the road and city. The St. Francis Corridor Study will be an exciting opportunity to establish an urban multi-modal arterial that will become an asset and model for more community and context sensitive arterial road design in Santa Fe. Project created while employed with Design Workshop.

Santa Fe, NM


Faith Okuma, Principal Kenneth Francis