The purpose of the Santa Fe River Trail Project is to update the River Corridor Master Plan from Camino Alire to HWY 599 in order to develop a multi-use recreational (and possibly commuter/
alternative transportation) trail along the Santa Fe River. Concurrent with the master planning process will be the development of a pilot project reach of river restoration and trail design. The “Pilot Project” reach is a 3-mile trail segment from Camino Alire to Siler Road.

Kenneth Francis, as project manager for Design Workshop, was responsible in the first phase was to support RTI in the trail alignment and sustainable paving research, create a vision for the entire river trail sign program, and to build engaging photomontages of the proposed trail system for public input and press releases.This first phase creates the model for future expansion of the river trail through the west side of Santa Fe to Highway 599. The Santa Fe River Trail Project is also a
demonstration of coordination between the City of Santa Fe and the County of Santa Fe to work on regional projects. Project created while employed with Design Workshop.

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