The Museum Hill Campus plan RFP was issued to address safety and accessibility challenges around the campus, as well as other goals of the Museum Hill Partners.

The vision of the Museum Hill Partners is for the Museum Hill campus to become a world class destination with a collection of internationally recognized cultural institutions that will benefit tourism and improve economic impact to New Mexico. In order to accomplish this vision, Museum Hill will define its own identity for its campus, so tourists and visitors are transported to the regionally unique and historic landscape that houses a rich collection of cultural institutions.

The Museum Hill campus will have a clear and unified wayfinding system to alert visitors that there are more than one or two museums to experience. It will have a safe and connective pedestrian network that will facilitate short and accessible walking paths between institutions and, most importantly, will get pedestrians off of Camino Lejo. The campus will reflect the core values of the institutions it houses by promoting sustainable approaches to water conservation and celebrating its native landscape.

Santa Fe, NM

Department of Cultural Affairs, State of New Mexico

Kenneth Francis, Principal
Joseph Charles, PM
Madeleine Aguilar, PA
AOS Architects
CW&H Graphics
Wilson & Co Engineers

Campus Planning