Mariposa Streetscapes

The village center has become a crucial part of the equation for successful community design.  We were asked by the High Desert Investment Corporation to challenge ourselves at defining a new streetscape concept for their village center.  

What we arrived at was a design of clear geometry of street spaces that engage the pedestrian in an urban landscape filled with native vegetation.  We have created a series of what we call “landscape rooms” that are small gardens along the sidewalks and contain street trees, colored concrete grass troughs, and integrated benches.  

As part of the challenge to a typically symmetrical and repetitive pattern in streetscape design, we alternated the “landscape rooms” on both sides of the sidewalk and irregularly spaced the street trees, creating an allee effect as well as a meandering path that varies the experiences within the village center.  Our streetscape also engages a community park to the west and neighborhoods in the east and south. Project created while employed with Design Workshop.

Bernalillo, NM

High Desert Investment Corporation

Kenneth Francis, Lead Designer

SERVICES PROVIDED:   Landscape Architecture