ElDorado community School QUAD

The Eldorado Community School recently expanded from kindergarten through 6th grades to include 7th and 8th grades. Because it was always a K-6, the existing outdoor spaces were intended for younger student interaction and play. The president of the PTA contacted Surroundings to share their concerns in hope that we could design a low-cost social gathering space just for the 6th through 8th grade students at the school. A 3000 square foot, undeveloped trapezoidal area adjoining the school cafeteria was given as the site for social gathering and outdoor learning.

Surroundings developed two primary social gathering areas: one was a larger classroom scale gathering space to allow teachers to take their classes outdoors; and the other area was a collection of multiple smaller "pods" for one on one interaction or solo contemplation. In lieu of off-the-shelf playground equipment and site furniture, we utilized natural features such as boulders, berms, ADA accessible paths, and landscape to define social spaces for the students

Eldorado, NM

Eldorado Community School PTA

Kenneth Francis, Principal
Madeleine Aguilar

Landscape Architecture

Landscape: El Toro