Drury Hotels renovated the historic, old Saint Vincent's Hospital into a modern new hotel in the heart of downtown Santa Fe. An underground parking garage covers half of the south side of the property and new gallery spaces were constructed above it. With all of the new and existing buildings, 40% of the site is devoted to open space.

A long pedestrian promenade was created to link historic Cathedral Park west of the site and to more clearly navigate visitors closer to the destination of Canyon Road. The promenade is lined with flowering crab apples and contains several plazas for special events or relaxation. The wedding grove in the northeast has a dense grove of new trees to complement several specimen trees that are being preserved. Galleries and an outdoor sculpture park are located at the main entrance to the hotel along the east road.

Santa Fe, NM

Drury Hotels

Kenneth Francis, Principal
Chrissy Scarpitti
Sandra Donner
Hogan Group

SERVICES PROVIDED:   Master Planning
Landscape Architecture

Mayor's Award for Excellence

Kate Russell